Style Smart. proprietor Rania Linsdell, Helping you to look good and feel good
I am a qualified image coach (having graduated with Honours from The Style Coaching Institute), an accredited member of the International Association of Style Coaches (IASC), a member of the Association for Coaching, a trained make-up artist (London Academy of Media, Film & Television) and the founder of Style Smart.

My teaching background has enabled me to be a sensitive listener as well as to learn to work with different personalities, to guide, advise, support and encourage people to achieve their goals. 

Along with teaching, I have also been in ladies fashion retail for several years, specialising in one to one styling and advising women how to create outfits successfully.

To add to that, my artistic side has led me to train and qualify in interior design specialising in colour.

Since 2010 when I founded Style Smart, I have dedicated myself to providing a personal and quality service to all the women who would like to feel and look good at any age!

image consultant and style

My Philosophy

My approach to external image is simple and relies on important holistic principles. It embraces the whole person, how someone looks (their outer image) and how someone feels about themselves (their inner-self image).

I believe that every woman is unique and therefore her look should be individual. It should suit her lifestyle and express who she is in the now. 

Appearance has the power to create inner confidence, positive changes in our life and it shapes us up for success.

My aim is to help you feel empowered & great inside and look the best that you can every day.

image consultant and style
Smart= Intelligent, Clever

Smart= Elegant, Chic, Sophisticated, Stylish

Smart= Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Framed as in goals & results