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Well being and Christmas
Just before another winter sets in
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At this time of year it is common practice to set New Year's resolutions, a set of goals aimed at making us feeling better about ourselves.

Popular goals might be to get ourselves fit, lose some weight or even learn a language. All too often however we soon fall by the wayside, unable to fit the goals into our lifestyle or through lack of sustained determination. Without the right mindset, our resolutions are often doomed to failure.

If this sounds familiar to you, you may find more benefit in undertaking a spot of coaching.

Well being and Christmas

The frame of mind we are in as well as our emotional world have undeniably a profound effect on how we look on the outside 365 days a year. They also play a very important role for our well being on every special occasion of our life, let alone the Christmas period.

Undoubtedly, so many of us do want to feel wonderful and to look our best at this time of the year. There are a lot of happy faces around and people who genuinely throw themselves in the excitement of the festive period and its celebrations.

Just before another winter sets in

The frivolity and more relaxing manner of summer have long gone now and yes, we are moving closer to winter every day. 

Besides this, October is the month that  we set our clocks one hour back. We are having shorter days, less light, less than inspiring weather and of course a lot more chances to put our mind, body, and general lifestyle on some sort of hibernation mode until next March.

Having all these things above in mind, it’s not surprising why some of us may be feeling that this is not exactly the most desired or fun time of the year.

Spring Mood

Spring is here with its pink and white blossoms, the soft rains and the refreshingly long days. Yes, it’s time for vitality!

We are all trying to shake off winter, recharge our energy levels and get inspired by the rebirth of the nature.

Most of us also look ourselves in the mirror and we think about our bodies (always in a little more judgmental manner after the end of another ‘hibernation season’).

Perhaps the image we think we see can affect the way we feel. But before we seek for ideas and inspiration to revitalise the body let’s first start with revitalising the mind and lifting the spirit.

The diversity of beauty

In reality, the female body is a constantly changing landscape. From the budding breasts of adolescence, through the rounded belly of pregnancy and generous curves of maturity to the wrinkles of old age, our bodies weather and reshape. To call beauty only the still life of unchanging 'perfection' is no praise for creatures so lively and diverse as womankind.

So says US sociologist Wendy Chapkis author of Beauty Secrets.

International Women's Day

Happy Women's Day!

Rania x


Happy March!

Rania x

Thoughts On The Red Carpet...

Every season the various red carpet events become synonymous with a lot of glamour and beauty. At this point definitely my thoughts are also turning to this year’s Oscars ceremony this Sunday, which is the epitome of style, grace and extravagance as well.

Whether we belong to the fascinated fans of such events or we are among the critics who think of all this as an exhibition of vanity and obsession with the external appearance, there is one thing for sure, that we mere mortals may also get inspired by some of these famous ladies and the way they promote their image.

Colour Matters...

Step inside the spring in style with this exciting colour palette.

Click here: Pantone

Rania x

Recharging our life

My year began with a refreshing holiday in Greece, the country of Gods and where the sunlight revitalises you like nothing else, even if it's the middle of the winter.

Now in February, I have returned with a clear head and consciously no New Year's resolutions for a third year in a row, yet surely excited about setting some milestones.

I am not at all snobbish about New Year's resolutions - I only came to realise that like other people too, I find the term rather overwhelming deep down (if not a little intimidating).